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Levaquin Connection to Tendon Rupture & Your Levaquin Lawsuit

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Levaquin, also called levofloxacin, is an antibiotic typically prescribed for bacterial infection fighting. Recently, however, large numbers of complaints and Levaquin lawsuit cases have been pouring in. The manufacturers of Levaquin, Johnson & Johnson, neglected to adequately warn its customers of the potential tendonitis and tendon ruptures risks associated with using Levaquin.

Levaquin is an antibiotic belonging to the fluroquinolone class that’s recently been associated on a large scale with ruptured tendons and tendonitis. This has recently prompted the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to order this drug, Levaquin’s, makers to place a strong black box warning upon all of its boxes as of July 2008. In one Levaquin lawsuit, Johnson & Johnson and Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical were allegedly accused of not giving sufficient warnings to patients and doctors of the potential for this drug causing such grave side effects. In fact, as of 2011, the FDA reports that over sixty per cent of tendon injuries associated with fluoroquinolone in the USA are connected with Levaquin.

How to Know If You Have Tendonitis or Tendon Rupture from Levaquin


Often, it is difficult to judge whether or not the side effects that you are experiencing after using Levaquin are actually of tendon rupture or tendonitis. In tendon ruptures, the main induced and ruptured tendon is the Achilles one. However, rupture can also happen in thumb, hand, bicep, and shoulder muscles. Symptoms of Achilles tendon rupture include severe, sudden pain, bruising, swelling, and difficulty with walking. Tendonitis symptoms occur near joints and are aggravated with aggressive movement. These are mild swelling, tenderness, and pain.


Also, in certain parts of the body, tendinitis will cause a very unique type of pain. For example, tennis elbow will cause your forearm outer side near the elbow to hurt when the forearm is rotated or an object gripped. Golfer’s elbow will cause the inner elbow parts to hurt. Shoulder tendonitis causes pain in the shoulders, while patellar tendonitis will cause hurt right under the kneecap. Achilles tendonitis will cause pain right above your heels, and adductor tendinitis will cause groin area pain.

Your best bet for getting your side effects of Levaquin evaluated and tendon conditions diagnosed is through visiting a medical professional.

FDA ‘Black Box Warnings’ against Levaquin Tendon Rupture Risks

Public Citizens filed petitions with FDA in 2006 that requested strong warnings to be issued with regards to the tendon rupture side effects of Levaquin. This consumer protections group filed a federal Levaquin lawsuit case petitioning the court to demand that the FDA act upon the petition. This petition requested for a new strong warning be added on the antibiotic’s side effects to all its packages, in accordance with Administrative Procedure Act. That’s where the powerful Black Box Warning on Levaquin boxes came from.

This black box FDA warning stated that ruptures of the Achilles tendon, hand, shoulder, or other tendons requiring surgical treatment or causing prolonged disability has been reported from patients taking quinolones, particularly levofloxacin. Post surveillance reports post the marketing stage, it had been indicated that patients simultaneously taking con-comitant corticosteroids have an increased risk of this, particularly elderly patients. If patients are experiencing inflammation, tendon rupture, or pain, the levofloxacin needs to be discontinued. Patients must refrain from exercise and only rest till tendon rupture or tendonitis diagnosis has been fully dismissed. Tendon ruptures are likely to develop either during or after the treatment with quinolones and levofloxacin.


At the same time, FDA approves the premier generic versions of Levaqwuin in oral solution, tablet, and injection forms. The companies applying for this generic levofloxacin include Aurobindo Pharma, Akorn, Lupin, Sagent Strides, Wockhardt, Torrent pharmaceuticals, Sandoz, Teva, Mylan, Hi-Tech Pharmacal, Glenmark Generics, and Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories.

How Much Compensation Can You Get from a Levaquin Lawsuit?

Till date, only two out of 2500 pending reported Levaquin lawsuit claims have actually made their way into the court rooms. One has been found favouring the plaintiff while the other favoured Johnson & Johnson, manufacturers of Levaquin. In the first Levaquin lawsuit, jury awarded 1.8 million dollars to the man that allegedly ruptured both of his Achilles tendons because of using Levaquin. However, the June 2011 Levaquin lawsuit that was found favouring Johnson & Johnson by jury determined that the pharmaceutical company had adequately warned of the antibiotic’s associated risks.

Ultimately, it depends on the experience and capability of the lawyer you’re hiring for your Levaquin lawsuit and how he or she represents and builds your case in court as well. However, as with most pharmaceutical error and negligence lawsuit cases, the amount of compensation depends on the severity of the side effects in your particular case and is best judged by an experienced Levaquin attorney. To get that done for your case, simply submit your Levaquin lawsuit case details for a free evaluation through the contact form on this page.

File Your Levaquin Lawsuit Today

Tendonitis and tendon rupture from Levaquin are both conditions that will hamper the quality of life that you or your family members wish to lead. No one deserves to suffer from this pain and disability for years on end without any fault of their own and simply because of the negligence of a pharmaceutical company that was too driven by profits to take note of patients’ safety and security adequately. Fight for the rights and peace of mind that you deserve. Make Johnson& Johnson pay for the pain that they have caused you with your Levaquin lawsuit today!


You could have a Levaquin lawsuit to claim if you or a dear family member has experienced tendonitis or ruptured tendons because of using Levaquin. Submit your Levaquin lawsuit case for a no-obligations free evaluation by our expert Levaquin lawyers today. One of our attorneys will review your case for potential compensation amounts and eligibility and contact you as soon as possible to discuss your Levaquin lawsuit. Levaquin lawsuit cases are very time-sensitive. So, make sure you don’t delay any further! Statutes of limitation also apply on such cases. Failing to file your Levaquin lawsuit on time could result in you losing your legal rights on compensation and justice forever.

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